Sanitary Wares & Tiles

Sanitary Wares & Tiles

Bleneson Home Ltd. is known as one of the largest retail, dealer, and supplier of signature bathroom brands and prides itself in offering complete service to its clients, a great variety of products, and customized bathroom solutions of the highest quality European design of sanitary wares of the then blooming Nigeria and Africa market.

We managed to offer ideas to create Luxury Bathroom Concepts that suit every client’s budget and lifestyle. With creative styles made by craftsmen worldwide, the most up to date trends and fashion styles and yet keeping the traditional way of international cultures, all of which are needed in a constantly evolving market.

We continuously pursue the objective of offering our customers and contractors the perfect combination of the best products in terms of price, technology, design, bio-compatibility, environmental sustainability.

The flexible and multi-sided strategy that we adopted has assisted us. These have awarded us excellence and leadership in the field of sanitary ware and tiles.

In our capacity as pioneers in our field, we ultimately managed to gain customer satisfaction on both quality and price as we have availed quality international trademarks products at suitable prices. We have also opened the most spacious warehouse store in Abuja where our customers can have an overall view of different product images as to how their houses and places of residence would look like in terms of quality and splendor.

Innovation brings new products into the market every day. We maintain our skills and know- how constantly updated to be prepared to offer our customers the best solutions for design and technology.

We supply a wide and versatile range of products for large projects at a very competitive price. Items are certified for meeting or exceeding all international specifications for the respective categories. Products offer both exclusive design and excellent quality. We have selected companies with a great reputation, good health, and enough productive capacity to face the biggest project supply quantities.

With the highest standard of quality and affordability, our products include the following:

Sanitary Wares: The basic elements of bathroom nomenclature are the sanitary ware: the bidet, sink,toilet, bathtub, and shower. Given the wide variety of products, it is not so easy to find your way around in choosing the best Italian bathroom furniture.

Bleneson Homes is known for its sanitary ware brand famed for sales and installations of high- quality sanitary ware. The distinctive feature of our products is the sophisticated style of the collections characterized by pure, clean lines, ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist style.

We pride ourselves on utilizing the creativity and top high-quality products among our various prestigious suppliers. Our Product has been in the ceramic bathroom which is exclusively made in Italy, priding itself in its dedication to “handcrafted” tradition and, at the same time, to continual evolution developing modern, Neo-Classical cutting-edge trends to its rank.

Bathtubs & Jacuzzi: Bathing as never imagined starts with the right bathtub. From a sanctuary of warm, enveloping water to a gorgeous getaway, your dream bathroom should delight all your senses. Whether you are looking for a whirlpool, Swirlpool™, or soaking bath experience or are in search of the perfect freestanding tub, drop-in tub or alcove tub installation, you will be enchanted with all of our Jacuzzi Luxury Bath products.

Wash Basins: Design Improves the Way we Live. Wash Basins Design improves the way we live. So by meeting your needs we introduce the highest levels of craftsmanship in bathroom furnishings. Creative, elegant, trendy that fits just perfectly to turn your bathroom into a personal parlor.

Shower Systems: Paying Particular Attention to the Elegance, Functionality, and Quality of the Products. We guarantee high-quality levels of performance in line with paying particular attention to the elegance, functionality, and the quality of the product. All the products are made of technopolymers approved by the most strict international regulations related to drinking water while metal components are made of raw materials in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Accessories: Exclusive Luxury Bathroom Accessories to Compliment Your Customized Bathrooms . We showcase a stunning range of Europe’s most fine brands of accessories for your customized bathrooms. We offer an exclusive mix of different materials as well as the new prestigious matching of colors that fit all levels of projects to meet your needs and requirements. Take your bathroom to the next level with high-end features that incorporate style and quality!

Tiles: Bleneson Homes offers the international market a choice expressing the best of the contemporary and classical trends offering a wide range of floor and wall tiles with bright colors and structure featuring different effects and reliefs along with the latest technology.

Mosaics: This is a fundamental element for interior design and Decoration . We believe that mosaics are a fundamental element for interior design and decoration. Mosaic products allow us to expand our design according to our creativity, to the taste of each client. With originality and boundless color, we can create atmospheres filled with exquisite simplicity and elegance.

"We will do everything to satisfy our customers. This requires expertise, experience, passion, friendliness, reliability, excellent products, first class service and affordable prices. We strive everyday to live up to our philosopy."







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